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"There are a lot of people who are very sure, with little proof." - Waleed Shareef
Articles And Insights From The Black Agnostic Contributors 
Sometimes it seams within the black community, a criminal have a better shot at getting a date than an agnostic or atheist 
By: Waleed Shareef  11/7/2015
Donald Trump courts black pastors in a common ploy to win the black vote 
By: Waleed Shareef  11/30/2015
Does the belief that "goodness" is ensured by only going to church , continue to leave the black community stuck in a state of decay
By: Waleed Shareef  03/09/2016
Is there any difference in the lives lived by believers who are "covered" by God and non believers who are not? 
By: Waleed Shareef  10/5/2018
Church gatherings, prayer circles and choir practices not only does not stop COVID-19, but seems to encourage the diseases spread. What does this pandemic reveal about religion and the truth behind the miracles that the devotes proclaim?  
By: Waleed Shareef  4/5/2020