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I noticed a post in Facebook about another "Prophet" who appears to be pimping in the name of God. Why people listen to these "ministers" is beyond me. This guy calls himself Prophet Manasseh Jordan. 
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"There are a lot of people who are very sure, with little proof." - Waleed Shareef
Articles And Insights From The Black Agnostic Contributors 
By: Waleed Shareef  2/2/2014
Webster defines an agnostic as someone that does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not. In other words agnosticism is between atheist and the theist. In my opinion the agnostic is the less arrogant of the two.  
By: Waleed Shareef  2/2/2014
I am jealous of believers. Better yet let me say that I am jealous of anyone that can suspend disbelief and live a life with the understanding that once they die they will exist in a tranquil world full of mansions and streets of gold.
By: Waleed Shareef  2/3/2014
Invariably when you approach your average Christian family member and summon the nerve to mention that you are not convinced that everything you have been taught is completely true, the next utterance that we are sure to hear is, “you need to read your bible.”
By: Waleed Shareef  2/5/2014
To be a black agnostic is almost akin to being a foreigner in your homeland. Agnostics, like bisexuals, political centrists and neutral countries, conform to the rule that by standing in the middle of the road you risk being hit by traffic from both directions.
By: William Jelani Cobb  Posted: 2/5/2014
There is one trick that all of the best marketing companies know, you need a good catch phrase. For every Coke or Pepsi, there is a slogan like “Can’t beat the real thing,” or “The choice of a new generation.” Churches, ministers and preachers have figured out that you need a good catch slogan, phrase or word.
By: Waleed Shareef  2/16/2014
If many countries have embassies all over the world to keep communications open, why isn't there a heaven embassy in all of the countries around the world?
By: Waleed Shareef  2/17/2014
New data from Gallup shows where non-believers live in America. 
By: Emma Green  Posted in: The Atlantic  2/4/2014