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"Churchy Phrases"
By: Waleed Shareef 2/16/2014
There is one trick that all of the best marketing companies know, you need a good catch phrase. For every Coke or Pepsi, there is a slogan like “Can’t beat the real thing,” or “The choice of a new generation.” Churches, ministers and preachers have figured out that you need a good catch slogan, phrase or word. The cool thing about these words and phrases are that they do not necessarily have to mean anything in particular, but when said enough times, they could mean in the mind of a gullible parishioner the difference between going to heaven, or spending an eternity in hell. Below I’ve listed some of the more common “churchy” sounding phrases that you will hear, and what they often really mean. 

1.Sowing a seed – Many late night preachers implore the weak minded to “sow a seed for God.” Normally this is accompanied by a plea for the viewer to send in some amount of money. 2 Corinthians 9:6 is one of these scriptures that discusses sowing seeds, however absent in this scripture is the discussion of sending in money, many preachers conveniently adds this detail as a way to fill their coffers.  
2.The anointed/anointing – This is one of those interchangeable nouns, verbs or adjectives that tends to either mean, this is the person you shouldn’t question, to , some spiritual thing is happening to you that means God is really working. The origin of the words comes from old French and means – to smear with oil. This was a part of the anointing ceremony many believe Jesus himself performed. Now in modern church, this simply tends to mean, the special person that God has appointed. Mostly, it is used whenever someone questions how something is being done in the church. One such example is, you find out a pastor is living large off of the “building fund” and when you question it, you are told “you should not question God’s anointed.” Other times, someone will simply say, “the anointing of God is upon you.” What does that mean? Most people don’t know, but boy doesn’t it sound churchy right!  
3.Favor – This word is spoken almost 100 times in the bible and in modern times is used often by televangelists to mean, God will find you special. Because it is used so often in the bible, hijacking it to mean whatever you want it to mean is a natural for those wanting to fleece the sheep. One such use is, “if you want to win God’s Favor, you must be willing to sow a seed for him.” Notice how “favor” was interlaced with the sowing of the seed? A fine example is from this Prophet Manasseh video that has almost all of these catch phrases used in a smorgasbord of con artistry.  
4.God fearing – I never understood this term. On one hand, we talk about how the lord is a loving God, and then we say we are afraid of him. Are we supposed to fear those we love? If my wife said she was afraid of me, then we really need marriage counseling. However, no one bats an eye when someone says “I am a God fearing Christian.” This is another one of those churchy phrases that is said so many times, that I am not really sure that the speakers ever stops to think about how sad this phrase really is. Are we truly supposed to live in fear?  
5.The holy spirit is moving – This is another one of those phrases that I doubt your average Christian can define. They would probably say “it is when you feel the holy spirit’s presence.” My question is, but if you feel his presence, why is he moving? Is he running from person to person, and if so, does he move around the world at light speed; or, is the holy spirit omnipresent, and therefore he really is not nor have the need to move? Normally, a pastor will say this when he wants everyone to believe that his church really is doing big things because apparently the “holy spirit is moving” in his church right now. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see him; you are to believe it is happening before you are asked to “sow a seed.”