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Heaven Embassies
By: Waleed Shareef  2/17/2014
Imagine if an American walks into a mosque in Lebanon and quietly stalks back and forth among the parishioners.  Without saying a word, he pulls out an AR-15 and unloads 30 rounds into the unsuspecting crowd of believers.  In America, the news media flocks over to the Lebanese embassy seeking to get an interview with the ambassador.  What does this mean for US and Lebanese relations?  How much responsibility does the Lebanese leadership place on the U.S. for this crime, and what needs to be done to rebuild relations?  The good news, mixed in with all of the bad, is that through the embassy, we as Americans could get a quick and early read into how Lebanon feels about us and what our next steps should be to ensure a positive future relationship. 

All over the world, Christianity and other religions command a large amount of followers and also have a vast impact on political and often military affairs. Even more impactful than one crime committed in one country, how we view and relate to God could be more monumental.  Therefore, if many countries have embassies all over the world to keep communications open, why isn't there a heaven embassy in all of the countries around the world?

Imagine an embassy in Washington that is staffed by angels who have a direct line to the will of God.  Why is there such a mystery as to what God wants and intends, when an embassy could clear that up?  if we are to believe in God, why would he allow millions to die in WWI and WWII and all of the other wars in between, when a well staffed embassy could speak directly to all of the countries and let them know that God will not stand for another war - for example.  We pour over dusty bibles and Qurans when surely an all powerful God with some unemployed angels could easily build an embassy everywhere (I'm sure cost and construction would not be a problem - if he built the world in seven days, then building some embassies in a day should be a snap).  

Furthermore, what would the rationale be for not building an embassy in every country?  I sincerely believe that if you wanted to send people to hell, you could not have a better system to do it than you have now.  Here is the current condition:

  • Multiple religions
  • Inconsistent "miracles" (thousand of people die a day from cancer for every one person that is "healed"). 
  • Old books with contradictory and often scientifically wrong data
  • Charlatans on TV claiming to serve God while building massive mansions for themselves. 

​Similar to a country trying to avoid war, if you wanted to avoid sending souls to hell and you wanted earth, your original creation, to become more peaceful, you would create a bonding method on earth to help humanity to know you as God and to understand your will.  Otherwise, you allow humans to meander under the current system with a mixed bag of nuts when it comes to religions and self serving governments that claim to work in God's name, but act in a secularly vicious manner that proves to be self destructive.