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Pimping in the Name of God
By: Waleed Shareef  2/2/2014
I noticed a post in Facebook about another "Prophet" who appears to be pimping in the name of God. Why people listen to these "ministers" is beyond me. This guy calls himself Prophet Manasseh Jordan. He is a rising star in God pimpology and uses many tactics to spread his "gospel". He studied under a man named Benny Hinn who is the famous pastor who preaches a healing ministry that also pulls in loads of money. Benny is no stranger to controversy, as studies by CNN, 60 minutes and other networks have proven that there is no evidence of healing from his ministries. One thing that Benny has "healed" however, is his bank account. In one instance, he used donations to purchase his new jet.

So now under Benny's tutelage comes along Manasseh - Oops, I mean "Prophet" Manasseh. Or is it really, "Profit" Manasseh? In any case, click here to see his website so you can understand how he makes a living. When you venture into his home page, you notice that there is very little about helping the lost soul, but a lot of information about what you can buy. There is also a segment on his website that reminds me of a show I saw on HBO about pimps and their women. On this show, the interviewer asked the pimp, what they got out of the arrangement, and they said money, but as far as the women, the pimps laughed and said "nothing!" But, the pimps did mention that the women where given his knowledge. Similarly, there is a segment on the "Prophets" web page where you can become a "partner". In this partnership, the "Prophet", gets your money, and you get his Knowledge - or more precisely, access to his e-mails and "teachings". You really seem to get a lot if you sign up for his Diamond partner package for $500 dollars and up. With this "partnership" you can get access to a LIVE (in bold mind you) prophetic phone call with the prophet. Even I can give you a prophecy on this one reality; he will get rich, and you will be out of $500.

Also, it is pretty apparent that old Manasseh has not had a stitch of real formal training. He said that he got "extensive and intensive training under the leadership of the Holly Spirit." So, I guess that means we won't be seeing any transcripts anytime soon. But, one thing you can get from him is one of the many pictures of him in his well tailored suits and GQ, yet man of Godly, clothes. And, why shouldn't you see him in these things? After all, you are paying for them! Also, on his website, you'll notice he have his own seal. Yes, this man is well branded.

So, feel free to buy his DVD on "How to find the Anointing" - or whatever that means to you; for only $49.99. Or, become a Platinum Partner at the bargain rate of $100 a month - or more, which he is keen to emphasize on his site. Either way, you can always do like some of my friends on Facebook and pass on his website, or "Like" his facebook page to help the other sheep get fleeced.

Finally, I had to add this one on. I get a lot of texts and other e-mail spam from folks who are hooked into the Joel Osteen ministries. No thank you. When you are handed a multi-million dollar ministry from your father and marry a nice looking wife, is it really hard for you to stay happy? Especially when you write countless books about being happy to people who do not have nowhere near your money or earning potential, who gladly increase your wealth by buying your books about things you do not know anything about. Show me a homeless guy who writes a book about being happy and I would buy that. But when you have 5 pages on Amazon of products starting in the $20 dollar range, one has to question what your motivation is. Many of these preachers, profits, evangelists, bishops etc (and what other titles they bestow upon themselves) are simply working in the name of only one all mighty; and here is a hint, it is green. For those of you who feel that Joel and his like are working so hard in the service of the lord, ask them this question; "If you could save more souls by giving up your wealth for a modest home (and donating all of your wealth to the poor and outreach ministries), would you do that?"