The Black Agnostic
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Why Black?
Often the thought of categorizing ourselves by race flies counter to the long struggles many races have endured in America and around the globe for integration. However, when one discusses the topic of religion, the experience is often different depending upon the race, ethnicity, origin or even sex of the individual experiencing it. In the case of black Americans, there is a long history of adapting to and embracing Christianity; in fact, Christianity has played a major role in all of the major landmarks in the black American experience; from the old “Negro spirituals” that helped the slaves to unload some of their burdens mentally as they toiled in the cotton fields, to the Christian leaders that stood at the point of the spear during the civil rights fights. Throughout the black community, countless corners and blocks are dotted with black Churches with names such as Mt. Calvary to New Hope Ministries. Even politics within the black community shares a symbiotic relationship with the black churches in the community and every politician knows that winning a large segment of black votes often includes spending many hours in front of a black Christian congregation.

Once we understand the role of the black church experience in the lives of many black Americans, we also understand that if a black American does not share in the same Christian beliefs, they can be stigmatized and viewed as unethical or unmoral. Therefore, this site seeks to specifically address the needs of those within this community that decides to venture away from convention and seek the agnostic path.