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Are you an agnostic and why or why not?

by Waleed Shareef on 02/04/14

There can be multiple views on whether or not someone can declare themselves agnostic.  Some people may be agnostic and don't even know it.  I want to hear your feedback (both the good and the bad).  

Comments (3)

1. StillABeliever said on 7/17/14 - 02:18PM
I am still a believer I just choose not to attend a church building. I stopped attending a building years ago. I did so because God revealed to me to leave and I did. I do not like coercise techniques and doctrines like tithing. I have never tithed a day in my life and yet I have never done without. It just does not make sense to me that I would need a church building for anything. Yet I feel get flack from both side from those who don't believe and from those who attend a church building. I don't fit into neither place. So I am saying that I don't doubt that God exist but I choose not to let man dictate to me his religious standards. Either way I am going to still live my life despite what ever one thinks. To me this is freedom....
2. The Black Agnostic said on 7/22/14 - 03:55AM
I admire you for still being able to believe despite not wanting to fall into the conventions of the rest of the church going crowd. I on the other hand made a decision that there were too many inconsistencies in the bible for me to justify being called a Christian. although there are different agnostics. There is even the agnostic theist; this is someone who have a basic belief in God, even though they feel that the true knowledge is unknowable.
3. Mike said on 2/25/17 - 01:35PM
I believe in God I`m don`t really care for the mainstream church religions. I worship God from a spiritual way which includes yoga and meditation.

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