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Coming Out as a Black Agnostic

by Waleed Shareef on 02/26/14

Admitting to family and friends in the black community that you are an agnostic can be a daunting decision

Comments (3)

1. Leonard Simpson said on 5/30/15 - 08:05PM
I 've let it be known 2 my friends & family for about two years that I study Afrikan religions & that I'm no longer a Christian.. It's very hard getting them 2 understand anything other than a religion that has been handed down from slave 2 slave then from slave 2 freed slave 2 Jim crow negro 2 black 2 Afrikan-American.. This long line of hand me down slave religion that was forced on our people that now has a spiritual grip on our people that is called " spiritual bondage ".. Sometimes I feel so alone on the outside by not being a Christian, but I find spiritual peace within because 2 the best of my understanding we were already born knowing the word... " and the word was made flesh ".. It's just good 2 connect with bros & SiStars how are like minded..@ we are growing in numbers
2. Waleed Shareef said on 5/31/15 - 10:55AM
Leonard, It is not easy to come out as an agnostic or not a Christian to black family members. And surely your study have shaped your views because as stated, study does often change impressions. We were taught one religion as slaves and as I mentioned in another article of mine, we tend to go alone with the religion of our parents or community. It takes a strong mind to ask the question "why". Many of us simply choose to believe because not believing is often much more frightening.
3. Mimi said on 11/6/15 - 10:08PM
Thank you for creating this site, and please keep writing! I really enjoyed this article and can relate. Even though my parents are very open-minded, spiritual, not religious types, I still feel on the fringe being agnostic. I can especially relate to your comment, “how are all of these folks so sure?” I ask myself that all the time as people whom I see as intelligent and reasonable, even skeptical profess to know with such certainty that "Jesus is lord." It never ceases to amaze me. Never. Keep writing and sharing and updating that Facebook page! I would love to have these conversations with like-minded people.

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