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God Saved Me

by Waleed Shareef on 04/07/15

“God saved me” is an often heard statement after tragedy is nearly diverted, however little mention is made regarding those that died from the same tragedy.

Comments (2)

1. Talena said on 5/31/15 - 10:15PM
It bothers me when people say that God let a child die because he needed an angel in heaven. It makes your god look cruel.
2. Nichole said on 1/11/17 - 03:31PM
Many people in the church are ignorant to the spirit world. The truth of the matter every thing we are talking about is spiritual and if you don't understand the spiritual world don't comment on it. So whoever said that is just misleading you about the things of God bottom line. Please don't take whatever person in the church says as truth. You must have your own spiritual eyes to see in the spirit yourself. If not you will waste your time commenting on stuff that is not truth.

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