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I'd Rather Date A Criminal

by Waleed Shareef on 11/07/15

Sometimes it seams within the black community, a criminal have a better shot at getting a date than an agnostic or atheist 

Comments (3)

1. Nicole said on 1/11/17 - 03:33PM
What about if you have an agnostic criminal. Then you are really in for it. Loll
2. Waleed Shareef said on 8/11/17 - 02:32PM
LOL! I actually think you are in the same boat. In most cases, a criminal is still a criminal. In fact, it may be better because at least the agnostic criminal might not be a hypocrite.
3. KM said on 9/17/17 - 09:17AM
Thank you for your thoughts and experiences. I am pleased, yet disturbed that I am not the only one, out in this religious world, that also is not a god fearing African American, with degrees, making a six figure income. It's truly sad to be rejected by the men in my OWN communities, because I do not have the belief in something that was beat into us.

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