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My Problem With The King James Version

by Waleed Shareef on 03/24/14

Growing up in an environment where God and religion was everything, it always baffled me about how sure people could be about their faith, but yet never questioned anything their preacher said or what was written in the Bible.

Comments (3)

1. Talena said on 8/20/15 - 08:42PM
66 fairy-tales written by 40 authors, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents over 1600 years...
2. RAYLON HARP said on 2/26/16 - 10:13AM
You have to seek knowledge, people have multiple conspiracies about the King James Bible few have been proven. Some say that the scholars that compiled the information were in disagreement w/ King James and therefore would not compromise their integrity for him, some say he was a flaming homosexual. We may never know, you have to study many different translations to get some understanding of HIS word even going to older translations because some things are said differently.
3. RAYLON HARP said on 2/26/16 - 10:16AM
Also our faith in Jesus does not tell us to not question. Many of my brothers and sisters are always seeking knowledge however it may come. We should all do the same, but you can not adopt every philosophy, every text or you will be a mess!

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