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Pimping in the name of God

by Waleed Shareef on 02/17/14

Some preachers appear more interested in "pimping" their congregations out of their money, than preaching the word of God.  Let me hear your input. 

Comments (4)

1. Bobsie2015gmal.com said on 12/22/15 - 09:47PM
I happened to see something here, so i read it. Not in agreement at all, these Kingdom leaders are Anointed, ARE you? Stop mocking what you do not understand, that is of satan. Are you an anionted , holy ghost filled person, if not, stop commenting, they PREACH FOR SOULS AND THRY HAVE FAVOR,OH WELL. YOU SOUND JEALOUS. TRY FOLLOWING THEIR HISTORY AND HOW THEY GOT STARTED, MOST OF THEM HAVE BEEN IN SEVERE HARD TIMES AND HAD NOTHING AND THE LORD BUILT THEM UP. TRY FINDING THE GOSPELS FOR YOURSELF, AND BE TRANSFORMED BEFORE YOU MOCK AND SCOFF THE PROHETS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT., I WOULD IMAGINE, YOU ARE NOT BORN AGAIN.?
2. linda eckart said on 1/6/16 - 04:32PM
this fake pastors and prophets are only in it for the money
3. Mike said on 2/24/17 - 09:47AM
This is so true. Churches operate like a business. Like anything it is about profit for the fake ass preachers and their the church elite. The politics of it play into it also.
4. Evangelist Christian Andy said on 4/9/17 - 03:19AM
Everyone is both right and wrong here in this discussion! There is nothing wrong here with full time ministers living off the Gospel. What is wrong though is when they are abusing people's generosity! If someone gets rich from selling their own products that's fine; may God bless them and give His Wisdom to use the money wisely for the Kingdom! What is wrong is where they also then claim a salary and expensives using people's donations, and not from their own profits. Let me point out that most ministers start out poor and humble, and focused. But then the fame and money corrupts! Also a fool and there money are soon parted! But God is not mocked!; those who give to God will havve most of their rewards in Heaven... and those who use their wealth on their lusts down on Earth; well you might not see them in Heaven, let alone be a doorkeeper! Shalom

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