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Type Amen

by Waleed Shareef on 05/31/15

Many online posts asks us to type Amen, share them or to hit "like."  However, is the real intention a hidden agenda to serve a financial need?  

Comments (2)

1. mary said on 10/19/15 - 05:38PM
Well said!!
2. jeffcallarman said on 11/18/15 - 03:52AM
Because I look at all things in spiritual ways; thus being very disassociated with all man-made religions, corrupt governments and everything worldly with the god of this world as ruler through being the father of lies all believe; I truly despise facebook and all the christian frauds and religious hypocrites. Many times I just knew there was some reason of greed behind all wanting many likes and amen -- so thank you for making it clear.

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